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    Essay My last day at school

    883 total views, no views today Introduction:-           After three years study in Govt. high school, Sargaj, I sat for the Test Examination and came out successful. Along with many other students I was sent for the H,S,C. common Examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Odissa. Later the result was out. I passed in the first division. Thus my school-education was completed and I aspired for college-education. I had my school-laving certificate from the school-office. My leaving the school was full of deep pathos for me. Tears came to my eyes. Essay My last day at school   School-leaving:-           My last day at school made a deep impression…

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    Essay on Utkal Gourab Madhusudan Das

    1,911 total views, no views today Essay Utkal Gourab Madhusudan Das           It was in the year 1925. Orissa was then a part of Bihar. In the Legislative Council of the province of Bihar and Orissa there were several Oriya members. Among the ministers also there was an Oriya. At that time the speeches on the floor of the Council were delivered either in English or in Hindi. An eminent Oriya litterateur and Orator Viswanath Kar, who was then a member of the Council, felt offended. He desired to deliver his speech in Oriya. This he conveyed to the Oriya minister who appreciated it and asked him to do so. Next…

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    Essay on Newspaper

    30 total views, no views today Essay          Newspaper essay on newspaper Introduction:-           The present age is the age of newspaper. Newspapers are seen in the courts and offices, in the schools and colleges, in the stalls and restaurants and in the marts and markets. Newspapers are read by the rich and the poor, learned and literate, high and low, master and slave. Because newspapers is very important. It deals with all interests. Kinds of newspapers:-           There are many kinds of newspapers, such as the daily, the weekly, the bi-weekly and fortnightly. The newspapers are full of news. But the other newspapers are full of…

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    522 total views, 2 views today Essay Lal Bahadur Shastri            The wife of Railway Minister of India was a very religious-minded lady. She often used to go to Allahabad for a dip at husband used to tell her to travel by the 3rd class and to purchase a ticket. On her return again the husband used to ask her whether she did so. She always replied “yes“. Yet her husband was not free from suspicion. He knew, however high-ranked a Railway officer might be, he will never  dare to ask his Minister’s wife to produce the ticket. He also knew women have a tendency for saving money.…

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    Essay on Mother Teresa

    135 total views, 1 views today            Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910, in Skopje, Macedonia, now a part of Yugoslovia. Her original name was Agnes Gonxha. When she became a nun, she adopted the name of a saint she admired. She named herself Teresa after St. Therece, a 19th century French nun honoured by the Catholics for her remarkable courage during a long and painful terminal illness.          The parents of Agnes were Drana and Nikola Bojaxhiu. They were both strict and compassionate. Agnes adored her father. But her father died when she was only eight. This was a major turning point in the life Agnes. Mother Teresa Essay…

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    Essay on discipline

    69 total views, no views today Essay DISCIPLINE Introduction:- Discipline is the most useful quality. It means to act in an orderly manner. It means to act strictly according to principle. Discipline involves obedience. A disciplined man acts strictly in obedience to law or order or principle or an approved formula. Usefulness:- Discipline has got immense usefulness for us. Discipline leads to success. It we read in a disciplined way, we can make better production. A disciplined army has immense advantage over an undisciplined army. A small number of disciplined soldiers can defeat a large number of undisciplined soldiers. A disciplined life gives us healthy and happiness. A disciplined man is…

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    Essay on Terrorism

    29 total views, no views today Introduction:-           Terrorism is the act of spreading terror to achieve political goal. Terror is spread through violence. Terrorists also threaten people of Government of achieving their purpose which is often illegal. For these reasons the “Al-Quaida” of Afganistan, “L.T.T.E.” of Srilanka, “Maoists” of Nepal, “Jase-Mahammad”, “Lasker-E-Toiba and “J.K.L.F.” of Pakistan and “Hamas” of Palestine etc. are declared as terrorist organizations. Method of terrorists:-             Now, there are about 150 small and big terrorist organizations in India. The methods of all of them are almost the same. They frighten people through mass murders, sabotage, bomb-explosions, kidnapping…

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    Essay on Cyclone

    25 total views, no views today Introduction:-      Cyclone is one of the natural calamities that the equatorial countries. It comes without notice and catches us by surprise. Never it has been possible to check the wrath of cyclone. It is god’s fury and it comes to carry out his decree. Cause:- Essay on Cyclone Cyclone occurs in a hot country and in the hot season. During the hot months a part of the ocean gets heated and it heats the air over it. The hot air goes up and the cold air from all sides moves into fill up the vacuum. While rising up the hot air turn around…

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    Essay on Netaji Subash Chandra Bose

    26 total views, no views today Introduction:-  Subash Chandra Bose was a great hero of India. He was born at Cuttack in Orissa on 23rd January 1897. His father Janakinath Bose was a famous lawyer. His mother was Pravabati Devi. He was very much devoted to his parents. Education:-  He completed his school education in Ravenshaw Collegiate School and studied at the Presidency college in Kolkata. He was very clever, intelligent and also meritorious. He was influenced by Swami Vivekananda. After obtaining an honours degree from Calcutta University he went to England to appear at the I.C.S. He came out with success. essay on Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Life and work:-…

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    Essay on Jawaharlal Nehru

    182 total views, no views today           One Prime Minister of India was once a visit to Afghanistan History records that many centuries ago there was Hindu civilization in Afghanistan. While there, the Prime Minister like to see the ancient relics of the country. While he was visiting these relics, the ambassador of India at Afghanistan pointed out an ancient monument and said, “Sir, this is a symbol of Hindu culture”. The Prime Minister Kept silent. When, near another moment, he said likewise, the Prime Minister lost his temper and bluntly replied. “I do not understand any such thing as Hindu or Muslim culture. I understand only…

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