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    Write a letter to your friend to remove misunderstanding.

    47 total views, no views today Mainkhamba, Baleswar 18 June, 2018 Dear Paresh, I have not seen you for more than fifteen days. Your attitude to me has been rather cold and unfriendly. I have felt that you don’t want to talk with me. I am sure you have misunderstood me. I know it was that debate which made you upset. I write this letter to clear your misunderstanding. I did not have any wrong notion for you. Only I talked about the characters of rich people in our society. As a son of a landlord my words may hurt you. Believe me, My friend, I was not in a mood…

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    25 total views, no views today Tarbha 15/17/2018 Dear Manas, I have not yet received any letter from you. How are father and mother? Uncle has written a letter to me. He has not written any thing about you all. I have sent money for you last week. I thing you must have received it. Send a letter to me immediately. Convey my respect to father and mother. Your loving / your loving brother  Dinesh        Address From :                                                                           To : Dinesh Dash                                                                Manas  Dash Clo – Umesh Chandra Dash                                                At – Tarbha At – Haatipali                                                                Dist. Dhenkanal  Dist – Bargarh

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    Write to the Editor of a newspaper appearing for funds to relieve the victims of a flood.

    392 total views, 2 views today From Desabandhu Pattnaik Secretary, “Jana Vikas” At/P.O.- Jajpur Dist- Jajpur To The Editor ‘The SAMAJ’ daily Gopabandhu Bhawan, Cuttack-1 Sir, This year the rivers of Orissa were in spate due to heavy rainfall. Especially Baitarani and Brahmani have broken through their embankments and have swept away a large number of villages. I have just returned from the flood effected areas. Many people are drowned. Thousands have been rendered homeless and destitute. Innumerable domestic animals have lost their lives. The children and the old are ill due to exposure and lack of food and drinking water. The entire crop has been destroyed. The misery and devastation caused…

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    Invite a distinguished person to give a talk in your school

    18 total views, no views today G.S. High school Nuapatna, Kendrapara 15th October, 2003 Dear Sir, On behalf of the students of our school. I invite you cordially to come to our school and give a talk on the subject, how the students can help the society at the time of need. All the students and teachers are very much anxious to listen you and to see you personality. Your service to the society has already made you very popular. We shall be highly obliged to you if you kindly accept the invitation and intimate the date and time of your arrival. 5th March, 2003 Yours faithfully, Prakash Kumar Rout Student…

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    Write a letter to your younger sister advising her to read the newspaper regularly.

    711 total views, no views today Nayapalli,  Bhubaneswar. August 10, 2016. My dear Priyanka, Thank you so much for your letter I received yesterday. I am sorry to know that you are indifferent to newspapers. You argue that it is too early for us to start reading newspapers and that the radio and television are much better media for educating students. But I do not agree with you. The radio and TV cannot be substitutes for newspapers. Newspapers not only bring us news from all corners of the world, but they also make us conscious about our place in this world. They give us information about everything. They have pages and…

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    Write a letter to your younger brother telling him that you are not satisfied with his progress at school and asking him to pay more attention to his studies and avoid the company of idle boys.

    41 total views, no views today Sector 20, Steel Township, Rourkela 15 January 2018 My dear Salim,  I have just received your progress report card for the First Terminal Examination. I am pained to say that it has disturbed me greatly. The progress report shows that you have been neglecting your studies and so you have scored such poor marks in almost all subjects. In fact, I am appalled by your poor performance in the examination. Worse still, I hear you are getting into bad company. I cannot say what is wrong with you. Everyone at home is filled with dismay. I am sure you will be serious about your studies…

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    Write a letter to your father asking him to send you some money. You are putting up in the school hostel.

    615 total views, no views today Letter:- Write a letter to your father asking him to send you some money. R.C.School Hostel. Old College Lane, Cuttack-753002 2 Feb. 2016  My dear Father, I have received both your letters. I can’t understand how you missed the letter I sent last week. This week I haven’t been able to write till now because until yesterday I was busy preparing for the Monthly Examination. You will be glad to know that I have come in first in English in the monthly Exam. Our English teacher was telling the class that my answers were brilliant. I’m working hard at every subject, but I don’t think…

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    Write a letter to your father seeking his permission to go on an excursion.

    557 total views, no views today School Hostel, S.K. Academy, Jagatsinghpur, Dec 15, 2016 My dear Father, Our school breaks up for Christmas holidays on 22nd December. Our school is arranging an excursion during the holidays. Our Asst. Headmaster and two other teachers are accompanying the party. They are going to visit lots of important places in Odisha like the Hirakud Dam. Orient Paper Mills at Brajaraj Nagar, Rajgangpur Cement factory and the steel plant at Rourkela. It will be a golden chance for me to visit these places. May I request you to permit me to go on the excursion? Could you send me five hundred rupees by Money Order?…

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    Write a letter to a friend of yours telling her about your forthcoming exams.

    11 total views, no views today Tarbha, 15th February, 2018.  My dear Santosh, Your exams are fast approaching. I’m a little nervous, although I have no reason to be since I have studied hard. However, I don’t, just want to pass – I want to do really well and come top of my class in almost all subjects.           I have set a time-table for myself and I follow it strictly. I hope to finish the syllabus and then revise it. I study for at least five hours daily. Mummy and Daddi are really cooperating with me and bearing all my tantrums.   I will write again when my exams are…

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    Write a letter to a friend of yours who has met with an accident.

    56 total views, no views today Write a letter to a friend of yours who has met with an accident. Tarbha, 15th July, 2018 Dear Sarita, Swarup has just told me that you have had an accident and  fractured your leg. I was really shocked to hear this. I believe you slipped and fell while trying to cross the road. I know how wet and slippery the roads are these days. I wish I had been there with you, then probably, it may not have happened I Anyway, I’ll come to see you as soon as I can and will bring all the school work too. We will do it together.…

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