• kashmir problem essay
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    Kashmir Problem english essay

    637 total views, no views today Essay Kashmir Problem Introduction:-            Kashmir valley is called the paradise on Earth due to its scenic beauty and heavenly calm. But militancy in the valley has destroyed this paradise on Earth. In order to counter trans-border terrorism, the Indian nation has been forced into a war which has been going for the last 56 years. Kashmir is too beautiful and strategic a land to let go. India has been bleeding profusely to save it from her hostile naighbour Pakistan. Kashmir Problem Hari Singh:- Kashmir became the personal property of Singh Dynasty of Dogra by a sale deed of 1846. At the time of Independence…

  • my last day at achool
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    Essay My last day at school

    973 total views, no views today Introduction:-           After three years study in Govt. high school, Sargaj, I sat for the Test Examination and came out successful. Along with many other students I was sent for the H,S,C. common Examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Odissa. Later the result was out. I passed in the first division. Thus my school-education was completed and I aspired for college-education. I had my school-laving certificate from the school-office. My leaving the school was full of deep pathos for me. Tears came to my eyes. Essay My last day at school   School-leaving:-           My last day at school made a deep impression…

  • sarvepalli radhakrishnan
    English Essay


    123 total views, no views today We observe Teacher’s Day on 5th September every year. This is the birthday of S. Radhakrishnan. He was one of the greatest philosophers of India as well as of the whole world. He made as philosophy intelligible to the westerners through his Illuminating lectures and learned books. This in turn led to Indian philosophy being included for study in European and American Universities.  S. Radhakrushnan Radhakrushnan was born in Tirutani on September 5, 1888. He was the second son of a poor Brahmin couple. His father’s name was Sarvepalli Veeraswami and mother’s name was Sitamma. Radhakrushnan had his early schooling in Tirupati, and higher studies…

  • List of english essay topics
    English Essay

    List of english essay topics

    81 total views, no views today List of english essay topics – 1. Utkal Gourab Madhusudan Das   List of english essay topics 2. Essay on Mother Teresa 3. Essay on discipline 4. Essay on Terrorism 5. Essay on Cyclone 6. Your Birthday 7.YOUR VISIT TO A FRIEND’S HOUSE 8.YOUR FAVOURITE HOBBY 9. YOUR DAILY LIFE 10. Essay on pollution

  • English Application

    Leave application for college

    76 total views, no views today Leave application for college Write an application to the principal to grant leave for your absence. To          The Principal          A.E.S. College, Tarbha Sir,           With due respect I beg to state that, I am not in a position to attend the college as I am down with Chicken-Pox. Since it is a communicable disease, I have been advised quarantine and a few days complete rest.           Therefore kindly grant me leave for ten days from Dt 15.05.2018 to 25.05.2018. Thank you. Your obediently Sobhabana Podh +2 Arts  II years  Roll No- 25  Leave application for college

  • English Application

    leave application for school

    64 total views, no views today Leave application for college WRITE AN APPLICATION TO THE HEADMASTER FOR SANCTION OF ADVANCE LEAVE.  To             The headmaster,             Sargaj Govt. High School, Sargaj             (Through the class teacher ) Sir,            Respectfully I write to inform you that I am ill with fever and am quite unable to attend the school today and a few days more.          I therefore, pray that you will  be good and kind enough to grant me leave of absence from today till my recovery. Silatimunda20th July 2017  I remain Sir, Yours obediently  Sobhabana…

  • English Application

    Write an application to your headmaster to grant you leave for your absence.

    28 total views, no views today Write an application to your headmaster to grant you leave for your absence To  The Headmaster, Sargaj High School, Sargaj (Through the class teacher) Sir, With due respect, I beg to say that I was suffering from fever. So, I could not come to school for last five days. Therefore, I pray you to be kind enough to grant me leave for those days and oblige. Sargaj High School Date 15/05/2004 Your obedient Sobhabana Podh Class- IX (A)

  • Poetry

    Vocation – english poem, by Rabindranath Tagore, NCERT Course, Class-VI

    12 total views, 1 views today Poem Vocation On your to school or market you see many people at work. In pairs, discuss what you have noticed. Then read this poem. You may read it aloud with a partner, If you like. When the gong sounds ten in the morning and I walk to school by our lane,Every day I meet the hawker crying, “Bangles, crystal bangles!”There is nothing to hurry him on, there is no road he must take, no place he must go to, no time when he must come home.I wish I were a hawker, spending my day in the road, crying, “Bangles, crystal bangles!”When at four in the…

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