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Kashmir Problem english essay

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Kashmir Problem


           Kashmir valley is called the paradise on Earth due to its scenic beauty and heavenly calm. But militancy in the valley has destroyed this paradise on Earth. In order to counter trans-border terrorism, the Indian nation has been forced into a war which has been going for the last 56 years. Kashmir is too beautiful and strategic a land to let go. India has been bleeding profusely to save it from her hostile naighbour Pakistan.

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Kashmir Problem

Hari Singh:-
Kashmir became the personal property of Singh Dynasty of Dogra by a sale deed of 1846. At the time of Independence Maharaja Hari Singh was its ruler. At that time the people of Kashmir was fighting for freedom from the autocratic rule of Hari Singh. Sheikh Abdulla was the leader of the Kashmiris.

As per Independence Act. India was divided into two dominions: India and Pakistan. The rulers of India States were given option to join either of the two dominions or maintain their Independence. Almost all the princely states decided to join India. Maharaja Hari Singh signed a Stand Still Agreement with Pakistan to maintain her Independence. However , Pakistan, in clean violation of that agreement invaded Kashmir on 13.10.1947 on 14.101947, the Maharaja appealed to India for help. As India did not respond, the Maharaja sent a second appeal on 26.101947 on 27.10.1947. India accepted the offer on the condition that Kashmir would be annexed to Indian territory. The Instrument of Accession was signed, and Kashmir became a part of India.

Jinna’s dream:-
Mahammad Ali Jinnah was dreaming of capturing Kashmir. So he sent Men in the guise of tribals to instead of driving out the invaders by use of force, he approached the United Nations Organization for help. He accepted cease-fire without driving the last intruder out of the state. India is suffering from his folly till now.

Special status:-
Our constitution-makers gave special status of Kashmir though Article 370. This didn’t solve the Kashmir problem. India has been spending crores of rupees in Kashmir, but still there is demand for plebiscite. The very demand shows that our leaders have failed to make Kashmir an integral part of India till now. The solution of Kashmir problem seems far away.


Pakistan’s hypocrisy-
For the last 56 years Pakistan has been trying to fool us through double-talk. In August 1965, President Ayub Khan attacked India. Our touch forces made him whimper for help from the U.N.O. On January 10, 1966 the Taskent declaration was signed in the presence of Russian leaders. But Pakistan attacked Kashmir again in 1971. With the liberation of Bangladesh, a ceasefire was declared.

1971 war:-
During 1971 was India captured about 90,000 Pakistani soldiers and vast stretch of Pakistan land was under the possession of the Indian army. Indira Gandhi let go the advantage of solving the Kashmir problem by singing the Simla agreement with crafty zulfiqor Ali Bhutto. The wording of  the agreement made the Kashmir problem more complicated.

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Kashmir Problem – english essay
 Kargil war:-
Actually the Pakistan leaders don’t want to solve the Kashmir problem. They want to annex Kashmir to Pakistan by any means. Pakistan has become a very weak nation physically, morally, ideologically and economically. The leaders of Pakistan find Kashmir a helpful diversion from frustration at the domestic front. That is why they are sending Jehadis to Kashmir to make it unstable. The heavy intrusion led to kargil war in 1999. India won the war, but the cost was high. Thousands of her heroes had to lay down their lives Kashmir.
It is high time that the leaders of India should realize that Kashmir problem can’t be solved though dialogue. There must be a decisive war. The Ajad Kashmir must be annexed to India. The article 370 should be scrapped. Kashmir should be a full fledged State of India. There must be no restriction for others to settle in Kashmir. Our defence personnel must be supplied with sophisticated weapons to root out the militants. The soft approach so far must give way to hard approach.



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