my last day at achool
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Essay My last day at school

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          After three years study in Govt. high school, Sargaj, I sat for the Test Examination and came out successful. Along with many other students I was sent for the H,S,C. common Examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Odissa. Later the result was out. I passed in the first division. Thus my school-education was completed and I aspired for college-education.
I had my school-laving certificate from the school-office. My leaving the school was full of deep pathos for me. Tears came to my eyes.
Essay My last day at school, quotes on school memories, quotes on school friends
Essay My last day at school


          My last day at school made a deep impression in my heart. The students of class IV to class IX wished to meet us in a farewell meeting. We were invited there-to and the school-staff also. Our Headmaster presided over the meeting. The students garlanded us. They garlanded the school staff present there.
          Our Headmaster, who was the president of the meeting called upon the leading students to speak for the occasion. These students-leaders said a lot in our praise. Their faces were full of sorrow at our departure from the school for ever.While speaking they broke to tears.
          Then the president called us to speak one by one. When my turn came, I stood to speak and while speaking I could not check my tears. While I was wiping my tears with my handkerchief. I saw that all of the out-going students were sobbing sorrow.
          Later, our respected teachers stood up to speak. they told us many things in way of advice. At last, our Headmaster who was the President of the meeting stood up to speak. He is very proud of us as we have brought honour to the school by our grand success in the H.S.C. Examination. he said many other things in way of advice to us. He wished good luck to us in our future life.
          There-after the meeting was over. The students fed us sumptuously along with school-staff. We took leave of our school with tears in our eyes.
          I cannot forget my last day at school. My last day at school will remain ever memorable throughout my life.





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