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Aeroplane Accident


     As all other vehicles aeroplanes are prone to meet accidents. An aeroplane, while flying, may dash against a mountain peak and fall down broken. Generally it may happen in foggy weather. While flying it may dash against a flying vulture, go out of order and fall down. Sometimes the aeroplane-engine may catch fire from within and is burnt up. For some reason its engine may fail and the aeroplane may fall down. falling down of an aeroplane from the sky means disaster. Generally such accidents happen in the sky. Aeroplanes may face some accidents on the ground too. While in the sky an aeroplane may be hijacked by terrorists. Sometimes it is destroyed by bomb-blast. It is the time-bomb placed by the terrorists. But these two types are not accident but fatal incidents caused by the terrorists.


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A major loss:-

An aeroplane-accident means a major loss. generally the rich people travel by the aeroplane, men of importance need to travel by aeroplanes. If an aeroplane meets an accident, such precious people perish. Aeroplane is a very costly device.Its destruction means a major loss. India lost two of her illustrious sons in two aeroplane accidents. One of them is Subash Chandra Bose, and the other is Homi Jahangir Bhaba, the inventor of Indian atom bomb.


How the cause is detected:-

Now-a-days a kind of machine called the black box is fitted near the seat of the pilot. When an aeroplane is destroyed by an accident, the cause of this accident is known from this black box. But it is very difficult to find out the black-box among the remnants of the broken aeroplane.


Aeroplane-accidents should be avoided any how. Old and worn out aeroplanes should be replaced by the new ones. Competent pilots should be appointed . An aeroplane should be minutely checked before it is due to start.


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