Where Do All the Teachers Go? – english poem, by Peter Dixcy, NCERT Corse, Class-VI

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Where do all the teachers go?

          For a little child a teacher is special. It is difficult for a small child to think of his/her teacher as an ordinary person.

                    Where do all the teachers go
                    When it’s four o’clock?
                    Do they live in houses
                    And do they wash their socks?

                    Do they wear pujamas
                    And do they watch TV?
                    And do they pick their noses
                    The same as you and me?

                    Do they live with other people
                    Have they mums and dads?
                    And were they ever children
                    And were they ever bad?

                    Did they ever, never spell right
                    Did they ever make mistakes?
                    Were they punished in the corner
                    If they pinched the chocolate flakes?

                    Did they ever lose their hymn books
                    Did they ever leave their greens?
                    Did they scribble on the desk tops
                    Did they wear old dirty jeans?

                    I’II follow one back home today
                    I’II find out what they do
                    Then I’II put it in a poem
                    That they can read to you.

                                                                PETER DAXCY

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