The Kite – english poem, NCERT course, by Harry Behn

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The Kite

All of us like to fly kites. Have you ever tried to fly one? Read this poem about a kite as it flies in the sky.

How right on the blue
Is a kite when it’s new!
With a dive and a dip
It snaps its tail
Then soars  like a ship
With only a sail
As over tides
Of wind it rides,
Climbs to the chest
Of a gust and pulls, 
Then seems to rest
As wind falls.
When string goes slack
You wind it back
And run until
A new breeze blows
And its wings fill
And up it goes!
How bright on the blue
Is a kite when it’s new!
But a raggeder thing
You never will see
When it flaps on a string
In the top of a tree.

                                                     HARRY BEHN

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