English Grammar

English grammar three different forms of a verb

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Present Past Past-participle ************** Present Past Past-participle
attack attacked attacked awake awoke, awaked awoke, awaked,awaken
rise rose risen get up got up got up
bathe bathed bathed bear bore born
beg begged begged eat ate eaten
come came come construct constructed constructed
build built built buy bought bought
purchase purchased purchased burn burnt burn
bring brought brought beat beat beaten
begin began begun find found found
behold beheld beheld see saw seen
bid bid,bade bidden order ordered ordered
break broke broken catch caught cought
cut cut cut choose chose chosen
dig dug dug draw drew drawn
drink drank drunk fall fell fallen
fight fought fought feel felt felt
feed fed fed fly flew flown
flee fled fled refuse refused refused
forbid forbade forbidden give up gave up given up
forsake forsook forsaken get got got,gotten
obtain obtained obtained open opened opened
close closed closed shut shut shut
call called called go went gone
gain gained gained give gave given
help helped helped hide hid hidden
hear heard heard listen listened listened
know knew known learn learnt learned
leave left left lose lost lost
arrive arrived arrived reach reached reached
make made made search searched searched
seek sought sought sell sold sold
show showed showed sing sang sung
say said said speak spoke spoken
tell told told steal stole stolen
sleep slept slept weave wove woven
sow sowed sown strike struck struck
believe believed believed swim swam awum
teach taught

taught take took

throw threw thrown write wrote written
weep wept wept worship worshiped worshiped
understand understood understood wash washed washed
enter entered entered graze grazed grazed
love loved loved meet met met
play played played plough ploughed ploughed
return returned returned rest rested rested
ripe riped riped run ran run
set set set sit sat sat
speak spoke spoken want wanted wanted
need need need walk walked walked
repair repaired repaired work worked worked
receive received received accept accepted accepted

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