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(Introduction, Genera description, Conclusion)

Body is the most valuable thing of man. Without body man cannot do any work. So, everyone should know his body well. I am too. I know my body well.
I am a tall man. My height is five feet and Six inches. My weight is 55 KG. My chest is thirty-two inches when I breathe in. My chest is thirty-eight inches, when I breathe out. I am now sixteen years old. I am neither fat not thin. My body is neither hard nor soft. I am fair in colour.

english essay your body, your body english essay
english essay your body
I have a round head and a broad face. The hair on my head is black. I have two sharp ears. My eyes are bright. My eye-balls are black in colour. But the corners are white. I have a prominent nose with two nostrils. My lips are narrow. My chin is a bit long. My cheeks are bonny. I have two broa shoulder. They have touched my neck. My hands are long and round. My wrists are just like hinges. My palms are white and soft. There are five fingers on each hand. They are thumb, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger. My nails ate well cut. I have a broad back. My waist is very strong. There is a joint between my right buttock and right thigh. So, also my left thigh is joined with my left buttock. My two knees work like two hinges. My legs are strong and swift. My two ankles are very strong. My feet are wide. There is a toe on each of my feet. My soles are smooth and white. My arm-pits and knee-pits are very small. I have a prominent belly. Is is just above abdomen.
God has blesses me with a strong physique. It is my duty to look after it. For this, I follow all the principles of hygiene.
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