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Write an application to the Postmaster of your locality requesting him to take steps for delivery of letters, parcels, money orders etc. on your changed address.

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Basanta Kumar Das
S. I. of Schools
Puruna hat Sahi, Baripada
15th March, 2004
The Post Master, Baripada-1, Baripada.
I have the honour to inform you that recently I have changed my residence and moved to Puruna hat Sahi. under your postal Jurisdiction.
Therefore, I would request you that all letters, money orders, parcels etc. sent to me on my old address may kindly be delivered at my new address given below.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully
B. K. Das
Old Address                                    New Address
B. K. Das                                         B. K. Das
S. I. of schools                          S. I. of schools
Traffic square                                  ‘Bani Nilay’

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