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Write a letter to your younger sister advising her to read the newspaper regularly.

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August 10, 2016.
My dear Priyanka,
Thank you so much for your letter I received yesterday. I am sorry to know that you are indifferent to newspapers. You argue that it is too early for us to start reading newspapers and that the radio and television are much better media for educating students.
But I do not agree with you. The radio and TV cannot be substitutes for newspapers. Newspapers not only bring us news from all corners of the world, but they also make us conscious about our place in this world. They give us information about everything. They have pages and columns for everybody-young and old. I am more interested in the sports page and the children’s page. And the science page is often very interesting, for I can learn a lot about science. I think everybody should develop the habit of reading newspapers early enough to keep abreast of the times.
With love and best wishes,
Yours affectionately.
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