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Write a letter to your younger brother telling him that you are not satisfied with his progress at school and asking him to pay more attention to his studies and avoid the company of idle boys.

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Sector 20,

Steel Township,
15 January 2018
My dear Salim,
 I have just received your progress report card for the First Terminal Examination. I am pained to say that it has disturbed me greatly. The progress report shows that you have been neglecting your studies and so you have scored such poor marks in almost all subjects. In fact, I am appalled by your poor performance in the examination. Worse still, I hear you are getting into bad company.
I cannot say what is wrong with you. Everyone at home is filled with dismay. I am sure you will be serious about your studies and will not disappoint us.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours affectionately,
Basir Ahmed.
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