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Write a letter to your friend to remove misunderstanding.

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Mainkhamba, Baleswar
18 June, 2018
Dear Paresh,
I have not seen you for more than fifteen days. Your attitude to me has been rather cold and unfriendly. I have felt that you don’t want to talk with me. I am sure you have misunderstood me. I know it was that debate which made you upset. I write this letter to clear your misunderstanding.
I did not have any wrong notion for you. Only I talked about the characters of rich people in our society. As a son of a landlord my words may hurt you. Believe me, My friend, I was not in a mood to hurt your feelings. Your absence in the field and library hav given me much pain. You have been the closest of my friends for years. Please, pardon me and forget everything.
I hope you must come to the field as soon as you would get my letter.
Yours sincerely

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