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Recess at Our School

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Recess at Our School

  ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy‘ is an old saying that is very true. During school hours pupils work hard, their heads bent over their textbooks. The period they look forward to is the recess. The ringing of the bell for the recess makes every pupils delighted beyond measure. It provides a welcome respite from studies. Pupils engage themselves in different ways.

Recess is mainly lunch-break. Pupils come out of their classrooms with their tiffin boxes in their hands. They sit down in small grounds in the corridors of the school and have their lunch together. Some crows round the canteen to buy themselves snacks. Most children finish eating soon so that they can play. Then comes the noisiest time in the school. The school grounds are filed with children chattering, laughing and playing. Some play badminton, others play hide and seek in the corridors. The monitors at that time keep a water on the closed doors of the classrooms so that nobody enters. Pupils are forbidden from getting into their classrooms during the recess. Some monitors join in the play but at the same time keep an eye on the classroom.

          Sometimes pupils have a test after the recess, so they sit down to revise their lessons. There are also those who don’t bother about test and tease their classmates who are busy studying.

When the recess is over and the bell goes, pupils run to the nearest water tap to have a drink of water and then get into their classrooms. Soon the grounds and corridors are empty of pupils and silence prevails all around, only the pit-pat of the teachers footsteps can be heard as they enter the classrooms.
Thus recess is a period of time between classes when pupils have a rest. It is welcomed both by pupils and teachers. It helps  to free themselves from the tensions of the classroom. It also prepares there for another two hours of study.
Recess at Our School, English essay recess

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