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Essay on pollution

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          Pollution means making dirty, filthy or unhealthy and impure. Now-a-days the pollution of our environment has become a serious problem. Some years ago, scientists made the disturbing disclosure that our air, water, and earth  have become terribly filthy.  The advanced western countries were deeply upset to learn that this was dangerous to all forms of life on the earth.
          Pollution is a gilt to us of the developing cities and towns, with the growing development and progress of industries. Pollution can be in soil, water, air, noise, etc. All types of pollution tell upon our health. The environment pollution has even threatened humanity. Many factories and mills were established for the resources were utilized.
          Man began to our cut down the trees. Forests were cleared and on these  places new factories were established. But man did not plant new trees in place of those trees. The chimneys of the factories began to emit our smoke which polluted the air. This smoke was harmful to both man and natural vegetation. Trees stopped growing. The means of transport increased and they added greatly to air pollution and noises pollution. The cars, buses and other vehicles exhaust so much smoke that it has become nearly impossible to lead a healthy life in cities.
          Noise pollution can affect our communication, our capacity for hearing. If a person is exposed to load noises for ling periods, there may be significant and permanent loss of hearing. Most investigations have shown that loud noises can create anxiety and stress and in extreme cases fright. Psychologists tell us that when the noise level goes up, work efficiency goes down.
           The factories throw their waste material  in to the near by rivers thus pollution the water. The fish and other creatures cannot survive in the polluted water. One more reason for environment pollution is the increasing population. Population should be controlled for removing pollution.
          Apart from this is soil pollution. Many chemicals and pesticides are harmful to health. With the use of these things some vegetation has disappeared from the earth. This soil pollution contaminates the rivers water through rainfall. Now we suffer from the effect of “acid rain” , which which is water mixed with the effect of various poisonous gases.
          But we have now came to realize the need for the preservation of the vital ingredients of nature. To first step to this pollution is that population growth should be checked. Natural resources should be redeveloped. The factories should adopt pollution controls measures. The vehicles too should have their machinery checked so that they may not exhaust a lot of smoke. Deforestation should be totally stopped. All These measures will help mankind to fight pollution.
          It is high time that the Government took some measures to control this increased menace. We should realize that it is a crime to interfere with nature because no man has the right to destroy this beautiful universe and make it it barren for the coming generations.

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