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    Essay on pollution

    54 total views, no views today           Pollution means making dirty, filthy or unhealthy and impure. Now-a-days the pollution of our environment has become a serious problem. Some years ago, scientists made the disturbing disclosure that our air, water, and earth  have become terribly filthy.  The advanced western countries were deeply upset to learn that this was dangerous to all forms of life on the earth.           Pollution is a gilt to us of the developing cities and towns, with the growing development and progress of industries. Pollution can be in soil, water, air, noise, etc. All types of pollution tell upon our health. The environment pollution…

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    Recess at Our School

    46 total views, no views today Recess at Our School   ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy‘ is an old saying that is very true. During school hours pupils work hard, their heads bent over their textbooks. The period they look forward to is the recess. The ringing of the bell for the recess makes every pupils delighted beyond measure. It provides a welcome respite from studies. Pupils engage themselves in different ways. Recess is mainly lunch-break. Pupils come out of their classrooms with their tiffin boxes in their hands. They sit down in small grounds in the corridors of the school and have their lunch together.…

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    Write a letter to your friend to remove misunderstanding.

    47 total views, no views today Mainkhamba, Baleswar 18 June, 2018 Dear Paresh, I have not seen you for more than fifteen days. Your attitude to me has been rather cold and unfriendly. I have felt that you don’t want to talk with me. I am sure you have misunderstood me. I know it was that debate which made you upset. I write this letter to clear your misunderstanding. I did not have any wrong notion for you. Only I talked about the characters of rich people in our society. As a son of a landlord my words may hurt you. Believe me, My friend, I was not in a mood…

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    25 total views, no views today Tarbha 15/17/2018 Dear Manas, I have not yet received any letter from you. How are father and mother? Uncle has written a letter to me. He has not written any thing about you all. I have sent money for you last week. I thing you must have received it. Send a letter to me immediately. Convey my respect to father and mother. Your loving / your loving brother  Dinesh        Address From :                                                                           To : Dinesh Dash                                                                Manas  Dash Clo – Umesh Chandra Dash                                                At – Tarbha At – Haatipali                                                                Dist. Dhenkanal  Dist – Bargarh

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    Write a letter to the Manager of a factory for permission to visit it.

    42 total views, no views today To The Managing Director, Paradeep Phosphates Limited. P.P.L. Township, Paradeep Sir, I have the honour to inform you that about 50 students of our school wish to visit your factory during the summer vacation. The students will acquire some practical knowledge about the making of manures. The science teacher of our school will accompany with us. The official letter of our Headmaster is enclosed here with. I pray that you will kindly give us the assistance of a guide to explain everything. I hope we may kindly be granted permission to visit the factory. We shall be highly obliged for your generosity. Thanking you, 10th…

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    Write to the Editor of a newspaper appearing for funds to relieve the victims of a flood.

    392 total views, 2 views today From Desabandhu Pattnaik Secretary, “Jana Vikas” At/P.O.- Jajpur Dist- Jajpur To The Editor ‘The SAMAJ’ daily Gopabandhu Bhawan, Cuttack-1 Sir, This year the rivers of Orissa were in spate due to heavy rainfall. Especially Baitarani and Brahmani have broken through their embankments and have swept away a large number of villages. I have just returned from the flood effected areas. Many people are drowned. Thousands have been rendered homeless and destitute. Innumerable domestic animals have lost their lives. The children and the old are ill due to exposure and lack of food and drinking water. The entire crop has been destroyed. The misery and devastation caused…

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    Write a letter to the Chairman of your municipality, complaining about the insanitary condition of your locality.

    1,736 total views, 1 views today                                                                                                                                                                            Bimal Sahu, Bolangir July. 07. 2018. To             The Chairman,             Bolangir Municipal Corporation, Bolangir Sub:-     Complaint about in sanitation Sir, I beg to draw your immediate attention to the insanitary condition of the streets of Indira Nagar I live in. The streets are thickly populated. Heaps of refuse and rubbish are allowed to lie for a long time and they are a great nuisance to the passers-by. They tell on the health of the people living here. The drains are seldom cleaned. There are regular pits on the streets and water collects there. They become good breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  I hope…

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    Write an application to the Minister of Education for a grant for starting a library.

    42 total views, no views today To The Hon’ble Minister of Education, Govt.of Orissa, Bhubaneswar Sir, With due respect, I on behalf of the inhabitants of village Nuagarh under Paradeep municipality in the district of Jagatsingpur beg to lay before you the following things for favour of your kind consideration and benevolent disposals. That, ours is a big village having a population about two thousand. The number of literate and educated people is increasing every year. There is a big high school, four primary schools, one english medium school and two M.E. schools in our village. But it is a matter of regret that there is no facility in the village…

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    Invite a distinguished person to give a talk in your school

    18 total views, no views today G.S. High school Nuapatna, Kendrapara 15th October, 2003 Dear Sir, On behalf of the students of our school. I invite you cordially to come to our school and give a talk on the subject, how the students can help the society at the time of need. All the students and teachers are very much anxious to listen you and to see you personality. Your service to the society has already made you very popular. We shall be highly obliged to you if you kindly accept the invitation and intimate the date and time of your arrival. 5th March, 2003 Yours faithfully, Prakash Kumar Rout Student…

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    An application to the D. I. of Schools requesting him to appoint you as a primary school teacher.

    271 total views, no views today To The District Inspector of Schools, Tirtol, Jagatsinghpur. Sub-  Request for appointment to a post of primary school teacher. Sir, With due respect and humble submission I beg to lay before you the following facts for favor of your kind consideration impartial disposals. That I came to know from a reliable source that some posts of primary teachers are lying vacant at your kind disposal. I beg to offer my candidature for one of them. As to my educational qualification I beg to state that I have passed +3 arts with Hon’s and also I have passed the C.T. Examination in 1st division. I am…

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