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(What is a hobby, Its necessity, Different kinds of hobbies, Your favorite hobby, The time you devote it, What pleasure do you get, Usefulness of hobby)
Hobby is an interesting thing. It gives great joy to us. One can enjoy his life through his favorite hobby. Everyone has a hobby in some way or other. Hobbies differ as tastes differ. Almost every man has a hobby according to his taste. Different people have different tastes, temperament and interests. As such a single can rot suit all.
There are different kinds of hobbies. Collecting postage stamps, picture post cards, match box labels, coins, reading books, flying kites, playing, singing, swimming, penal are some of the hobbies we do in our leisure times. Hobbies make our mind fresh.
My favorite hobby is kite flying. I have got a good collection of kites made in Chinese and Japanese design. There are kites of different shapes and sizes and colours. I make my kite myself. I enjoy kite flying matches. On Sundays and other holidays I like to fly kites. I do it in the open field of our village. It is very pleasant to look at the flying kites in the blue sky. It helps me concentrate on things better.
Everyone should make proper use of their spare time with their hobbies. Hobbies give recreation and vigor to our tired mind. My hobby helps me a lot to make me happy.

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