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(Introduction, Members of my family, The house, Financial condition, Food and dress habits, Conclusion)

Ours  is a very big family in our locality. There are ten members in our family. I live with my parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt and three sisters. As I am the only son of my family, all love me very much. My aunt loves me as if I am her own son. My three sisters are like lovely fairies.
Mr. Debakanta Tripathy is my father. He is a doctor. He treats the poor patients free of cost through his Janaseva clinics. My uncle Mr. Shubhakanta is a lawyer. He pleads for the helpless people. My mother Anupama and my aunt Nirupama are good housewives. They do all the household works. They keep our home neat and clean. My grandfather Baradakanta is a retired army officer. He fought against China in the 1962 Indo-China war. He is a disciplined man. My grandmother Beena Devi is a pious: woman. She tells us many interesting stories. Jhili, Mili & Lily are my lovely sisters. I am now in class X. My sisters are in class – VIII, CI – VII, and – V respectively.
We live in a pucca Building. There are three bedrooms, one store room, one kitchen, one study room and a guest room. There is a cowshed behind our building. There is a beautiful garden in front of our building.
My father and uncle earn and my grandfather gets his pension. Financially we are sound.
We eat cooked food like rice, dal, curry, fry, toast, roast, milk and tea. We like to take rice water sometimes. We put on standard cotton clothes, pant, shirts, sarees, frocks.
We have pure love and affection for one another. We help one another. My family is no doubt a happy family.

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