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Write an application to the Civil Supply Officer(CSO) for a ration card.

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Sobhabana Podh
At- Silatimunda, P.O- Sargaj
Ps- Tarbha, Dist- Subarnapur
The Civil Supply officer,
Tarbha, Subarnapur
          ( Sub- Issue of a ration card )
I have the honour to inform you that I am a resident of Silatimunda (ward no. 9) for more than three years. I am suffering a lot for getting controlled commodities as I have no ration card.
Therefore, I request you to kindly issue me a ration – card after proper inquiry at year end. Application form duly filled in is attached here with for your reference.
25th June, 2018
Yours faithfully,
Sobhabana Podh

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