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THE NEWSPAPER, essay on newspaper
The Newspaper
(Introduction, Kinds of newspapers, Organization, advantages and disadvantages, Conclusion)

          In this age of media the newspaper play an important role. People of all categories like to read the newspaper everyday. People have their bed tea with a paper in their hands. Morning editions are very popular in cities and towns. Rich or poor, learned or illiterate all have interest to know the burning news from the paper.
          Many kinds of newspapers are published. There are daily, weekly, bi-weekly and fortnightly newspapers. Daily papers contain more news than others. The owner and publisher of the paper appoint the workers. In towns there are some hawkers of the newspaper. The reporters send news to the editor. The teleprinters are installed in newspaper offices. News of abroad came through the teleprinter. Many news agencies sent news to the writer. The newspapers are printed in printing press and supplied everywhere. Newspapers are published in many languages.
          People know the news of the world through the newspaper. Mistakes of government are published in the newspaper. People know new inventions and discoveries. Poets, writers, critics contribute their articles to the newspapers. The newspaper encourages new talents. Unemployed youths know the dates and particulars of various interviews. The newspaper makes conscious about their rights, duties and responsibilities. Sometimes the editors use their papers in their own interest which mislead the people.

          The editor of a newspaper should be always impartial, honest and dutiful. He should be a man of personality and integrity.


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