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Essay on a Picnic

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Essay on a Picnic 

essay on a picnic, essay in english a picnic

(Introduction, Usefulness, Time and place, Description, Conclusion)

 Picnic is a source of entertainment for all. Children, young and old, all like to enjoy the picnic in their own way. Participants with there all necessary things go to the woods or to a place of historical significance where they can cook together, sit together and eat together.
Children learn many things from the picnic. They learn to enjoy the life together. It gives them the pleasure of feast.
People have picnics throughout the year. But generally the winter season is the best time for picnics. A fair weather is suitable for the purpose. The time and place are selected first: Then the picnickers arranges everything for the same.
We went on a picnic on the last X’mas day. We, the students of class X contributed for the picnic. On the very day we went to Similipal in a bus. We took everything with us. We reached there at 10.30 A.M. Our teachers were also with us. Some of us helped the cookers. Some went into the forest to enjoy the beauties of nature. We took bath in the foundation near by. We saw the tiger project, many animals, birds and snakes in Similipal forest. We enjoyed our life by singing, dancing and gossiping. At about 2.30 P.M. we ate together sitting on the grassy ground. Then we sat together for a countdown song programme. At 4 P.M. we returned back to our destination.
Now-a-days picnic is very common for all. Like school children house wives, villagers, officers, other staffs go on picnics.

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