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(Introduction, Necessity, Description, Conclusion)

A Public Park is a place of enjoyment. Such parks are found in cities and townships. The public park gives pleasure to the people.
In big cities a towns green beauty of nature is a dream for the people. They feel suffocated in bustle, dust and smoke. They always want to enjoy their lives in the lap of nature. A public park provides the urban people a taste of green beauty. They get sufficient oxygen through various green plants in the park. A public park is necessary for the urban people. There is a public park at Paradeep Port city. It is situated on the road side near the administrative building. There is a strong fence with iron bars.
 People enter into it through an entrance gate. There are beautiful plants and creepers. They have beautiful seasonal flowers. The ground is filled with beautiful green grass. The flower plants have many flowers with uncommon beauty. There are many foreign herbs in this park.
There are some cemented benches for the people. Some fixed chairs and benches are at the suitable spots. There are some artificial springs of water. The park is connected with electric light. Generally people come to this park in the evening and morning. On Sundays and other holidays children come here in good number. Some people come with their containers to sell sweets, nuts, mixtures, chocolates, bethels etc.
Public parks are very necessary for the health and happiness of the town and city dwellers. There should be more parks with facilities for the people. People can forget their sorrows sitting in such parks with friends and relatives.

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