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    Write a letter to your father asking him to send you some money. You are putting up in the school hostel.

    615 total views, no views today Letter:- Write a letter to your father asking him to send you some money. R.C.School Hostel. Old College Lane, Cuttack-753002 2 Feb. 2016  My dear Father, I have received both your letters. I can’t understand how you missed the letter I sent last week. This week I haven’t been able to write till now because until yesterday I was busy preparing for the Monthly Examination. You will be glad to know that I have come in first in English in the monthly Exam. Our English teacher was telling the class that my answers were brilliant. I’m working hard at every subject, but I don’t think…

  • english letter,  Letter

    Write a letter to your father seeking his permission to go on an excursion.

    557 total views, no views today School Hostel, S.K. Academy, Jagatsinghpur, Dec 15, 2016 My dear Father, Our school breaks up for Christmas holidays on 22nd December. Our school is arranging an excursion during the holidays. Our Asst. Headmaster and two other teachers are accompanying the party. They are going to visit lots of important places in Odisha like the Hirakud Dam. Orient Paper Mills at Brajaraj Nagar, Rajgangpur Cement factory and the steel plant at Rourkela. It will be a golden chance for me to visit these places. May I request you to permit me to go on the excursion? Could you send me five hundred rupees by Money Order?…

  • English Application

    Write an application to your Headmaster to permit you to hold a meeting in your class room.

    308 total views, 1 views today To The Headmaster, Sanjay Gandhi High School, Paradeep Sir, We the student of cl. IX of your school beg to state that we want to hold a meeting in our class room to honour our benevolent class teacher Mr. Mohanty, who is going to leave the school very shortly. Further we request you to be gracious enough to attend our meeting as the chief guest. Therefore, we pray that you will be kind enough to permit us to hold the meeting in our class room today after the 4th period and grace the occasion as the chief guest. Paradeep 15th November, 2003 We remain sir,  Your…

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    Write an application to the P.M.G. Orissa, requesting him to open a post office in your village.

    55 total views, no views today TO The Postmaster General, Orissa, Bhubaneswar  (Through the Sarapancha, Patpur) Sir, We, the inhabitants of Janakpur Padiabeda, Godipara villages under Patpur Gram Panchayat in the district of Kendrapara, beg to inform you that there is no post office in our locality at a radial distance of three kilometres. We are facing a lot of difficulties to go to the Ramachandrapur post office for sending letters, money orders etc. The postman comes to our area only once in a week. We assure to provide suitable space for the post office to function in it. Therefore, we pray you to kindly consider our case and take necessary…

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    Write an application to the Civil Supply Officer(CSO) for a ration card.

    19 total views, no views today  From Sobhabana Podh At- Silatimunda, P.O- Sargaj Ps- Tarbha, Dist- Subarnapur To The Civil Supply officer, Tarbha, Subarnapur           ( Sub- Issue of a ration card ) Sir, I have the honour to inform you that I am a resident of Silatimunda (ward no. 9) for more than three years. I am suffering a lot for getting controlled commodities as I have no ration card. Therefore, I request you to kindly issue me a ration – card after proper inquiry at year end. Application form duly filled in is attached here with for your reference. 25th June, 2018 Yours faithfully, Sobhabana Podh Silatimunda

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    50 total views, no views today (What is a hobby, Its necessity, Different kinds of hobbies, Your favorite hobby, The time you devote it, What pleasure do you get, Usefulness of hobby)   Hobby is an interesting thing. It gives great joy to us. One can enjoy his life through his favorite hobby. Everyone has a hobby in some way or other. Hobbies differ as tastes differ. Almost every man has a hobby according to his taste. Different people have different tastes, temperament and interests. As such a single can rot suit all. There are different kinds of hobbies. Collecting postage stamps, picture post cards, match box labels, coins, reading books,…

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    24 total views, no views today (Introduction, Members of my family, The house, Financial condition, Food and dress habits, Conclusion) Ours  is a very big family in our locality. There are ten members in our family. I live with my parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt and three sisters. As I am the only son of my family, all love me very much. My aunt loves me as if I am her own son. My three sisters are like lovely fairies. Mr. Debakanta Tripathy is my father. He is a doctor. He treats the poor patients free of cost through his Janaseva clinics. My uncle Mr. Shubhakanta is a lawyer. He pleads for…

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    Essay on a Picnic

    29 total views, no views today Essay on a Picnic  (Introduction, Usefulness, Time and place, Description, Conclusion)  Picnic is a source of entertainment for all. Children, young and old, all like to enjoy the picnic in their own way. Participants with there all necessary things go to the woods or to a place of historical significance where they can cook together, sit together and eat together. Children learn many things from the picnic. They learn to enjoy the life together. It gives them the pleasure of feast. People have picnics throughout the year. But generally the winter season is the best time for picnics. A fair weather is suitable for the…

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    33 total views, no views today The Newspaper (Introduction, Kinds of newspapers, Organization, advantages and disadvantages, Conclusion)           In this age of media the newspaper play an important role. People of all categories like to read the newspaper everyday. People have their bed tea with a paper in their hands. Morning editions are very popular in cities and towns. Rich or poor, learned or illiterate all have interest to know the burning news from the paper.           Many kinds of newspapers are published. There are daily, weekly, bi-weekly and fortnightly newspapers. Daily papers contain more news than others. The owner and publisher of the paper appoint the workers. In towns there…

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    36 total views, no views today (Introduction, Necessity, Description, Conclusion) A Public Park is a place of enjoyment. Such parks are found in cities and townships. The public park gives pleasure to the people. In big cities a towns green beauty of nature is a dream for the people. They feel suffocated in bustle, dust and smoke. They always want to enjoy their lives in the lap of nature. A public park provides the urban people a taste of green beauty. They get sufficient oxygen through various green plants in the park. A public park is necessary for the urban people. There is a public park at Paradeep Port city. It…

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