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(Introduction, Names, Age, Nature and other qualities, Work and responsibilities, Their love and affections, Your duty towards your parents)
The idea of family is very old. Ours is a very big family of eight members. I am very much lucky to be blessed with my loving parents. Mr. Bishnu Bhusan Mohapatra and Mrs. Sunayana Mohapatra are my parents. My father is about forty and my mother is about thirty-five. My father is light back but my mother is fair. They are both very sound in body, mind and spirit. They are energetic and hard working. They are kind, considerate and loving. There is good understanding between my father and mother. Their efforts have made our home a paradise on the earth.
My father is a teacher. He is well known as an ideal teacher in our locality. He received many awards for his ability in various fields. ‘Duty is God’ is my father motto. He spends his leisure by reading and writing. He helps me with my lessons. Sometimes he plays with me. On holidays he takes me out to parks, restaurants. All people love and respect him.
My father is the headman of our family. He takes care of us. He is the only earning person in our family. He treats all as his own relatives. He never becomes angry. He always advises all to live in peace and enjoy happiness together.
My mother is a good housewife. She does all the household works. She gets up early and goes to bed late every day. She keeps her busy every time. Besides her household works she does knitting and painting. She is a good spinner. We have a sewing machine and she stitches all our clothes. My mother is a lovely woman and friendly to our neighbours. Everybody likes her.
She tells me stories at bed times. She always advises me to tell the truth and help the poor. She is the embodiment of love, affection and dedication. She shines on m and removes my sorrows.
I grow with my mother love and father’s care. I never disobey them. I love and respect them. I am proud of my parents.

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