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(Introduction, Name and appearance, Her work and behaviour, How she helps you and your parents, Why you love her, Your duty towards your mother, Conclusion)
Mother is dearer to a child than other members of the family. She is an embodiment of affection. She is a divine gift to a man.
I am lucky enough to have a lovely mother. Her name is Subarnna Manjari Mohapatra. She is a beautiful woman of thirty five having a bright complexion. She is five feet four inches tall. She is sound in body, mind and spirit. She wears simple cotton sarees and blouses. She prefers red and violet colours. On festive occasions she wears white sarees and worships God.
She gets up early in the morning and goes to bed late. She keeps herself busy at home all day. She keeps the house neat and clean. She keeps everything in order. At the household things are in charge of her. She cooks our food, washes our clothes, and takes care of our domestic animals. She sweeps the floor and washes the dishes. She serves my old grand parents. She gets pleasure at feeding others. She takes her meal after feeding all the members of the family.
She works like a machine from dawn to night. She prepares jelly, jam and condiments. She makes different kinds of cake for us.
My mother loves me very much. She never gets angry with me. She always speaks very kindly and softly. She is my first teacher. She teaches me at home. She helps my father in his work. She is very hospitable towards guests. She receives them warmly and treats very nicely. She always advises us good things to do. She is very truthful and honest. She is soft and sweet.
Love, respect, obey and adore my mother. A home without mother has no happiness. My mother leads a life of service and sacrifice. She is the eternal source ofinspiration for me.

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