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 (Introduction, Description, Inmates of home, Conclusion)
“Home Sweet home,
There is no place like home.”
This saying is true. Home is the heavenly paradise. Home is a place where one lives and enjoys pleasure of life. One feels his father’s care, mother’s love and affection of brothers and sisters at home. So it is said that “East and West, home is the best.” Home is the sweetest and dearest place in the word.
My home is in the village of Sargaj. It is situated near the temple of Lord Shiva. My home is made of mud and brick. The roofs are thatched with bamboo and straw. There are two sleeping rooms, one study room, a drawing room, a store room and a kitchen. There is a spacious courtyard in my home.
At home, I live with my parents, brother and sisters and grandparents. We love each other very much. My home is a temple where Gods like my parents and grandparents live with me. I am brought up with their love and care. They give me good advice, nurse me in my illness. They teach me good qualities. I learn the first lesson of citizenship at home. My father is a teacher. He is the head of our family. He manages our home quite well. My mother does all the household works. My sister helps her in every work. My parents are hard working and they always try to keep the glory of our home.
Learn sincerity, punctuality, honesty, affection, love, hospitality, truthfulness, kindness from my parents at home. I am proud of my happy family.

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