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(Introduction, His name, Personality, Work and behaviour, His appearance, His education, His responsibilities, Conclusion)
Father is greater than the sky. One is known in the society for his father’s personality.
Sri B. D. Mohapatra is my father. He is a man of forty having good physique. He is five feet six inches. He is not very fat. His complexion is light black. He has neither beard nor moustache.
He is strong and stout. He is very gentle and amiable. His conduct is good. He is very truthful, dutiful and punctual. He wears a dhoti and kurta. He uses spectacles. He is loved and respected by all for his good personality.
My father is a highly qualified person in our locality. He is the Headmaster of our village High School. Many of his students are established in the society as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, L.A.S. and O.A.S. officers. My father is a renounced poet, dramatist, novelist and an orator. He has many good qualities. All come to take his advice in various aspects.
He is a vegetarian. He eats very simple food. He welcomes the guests warmly. He utilizes his leisure hours by going through several books and writing. He never sits idle. Sometimes he works in the garden. He gets up very early in the morning and goes to bed at 9 o’clock night. He advises us to remain calm and quiet when dangers and difficulties dishearten us. He encourages us for every work. He is very kind and considerate.
My father manages our family very smoothly. He likes me much. His life is a living message for me. I love and respect him. He is my best friend, philosopher and guide.

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