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Write a letter to your friend how you spent the puja vacation.

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5th November, 2003 
My dear Nilu,
I have got your letter. You have written me to write you how I spent my Puja vacation.
I had been to Bhubaneswar and stayed there for a week. My uncle is residing there. He took me to the state museum. It is a massive building with all the carvings of the modern act. I saw many things of our past. There are many relics of ancient art and culture. I saw many idols, doorsills, window frames, stone images which are the silent witness of our past sculpture. There are many palm leaf inscriptions. These show how our ancestors could inscribe beautiful script and pictures on the palm leaves. Most of the pictures are well painted. Seeing the museum I felt a high sense of patriotism. Please come once and visit our state useum. l’am fine here. Convey my regards to your parents.
Your friend,

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