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 (Introduction, Examples, Conclusion)
Great men are the precious ornaments of the society. They are the makers of the nation. Lives of great men can guide us to the right path. We can make our lives sublime by reading their lives and following their examples.
Great men do noble works. They rise above the shortcomings of ordinary men. They forget their own interest and always work for the good of the mankind. They have conquered their own selves. They are brave, honest and industries. They are free from the bondage of selfishness. They are free from greed, pride, anger, and envy. They have malice to none and fear to none. They sacrifice their lives for truth and non-violence. They live as a hero and die a martyr. They are loved and respected by all. They possess great strength of mind. They are amiable, gentle, truthful, and dutiful. They work for an ideal. They have a strong personality, strong will, and good character. They overcome all the obstacles on the path of their lives.
The great men show us the path of virtue. They set good examples before others. Their lives give inspiration to all. They remove the darkness of ignorance from the society. They are the best teachers and preachers of the mankind.
Great men have been born in all ages. Lord Buddha, Confucious, Jesus Christ, Mohammed was some of the great men in the past. In the modern age Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincon, Mustapha Kamal Pasha, Newton, C.V. Raman become great for their great service and sacrifice. They have all taught the people of the world the value of truth and non-violence. They have conquered death by their noble works and remain great in the human history.
All should study the lives of great men. This makes a noble impression on our minds. Their life is a lesson to all.


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