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          Introduction:-   An exhibition means a collection of things or a show of many interesting things from which one can learn something. There are many kinds of exhibitions. Industrial, agricultural, cattle show, an exhibition of books, newspapers, magazines, science arts and crafts are organized. People come to see this exhibition and learn many things.
Kinds of an exhibition:-  This year I went to see an industrial exhibition which was held at Bhubaneswar with my father. Father purchased a ticket and we went into the exhibition ground. The place was nicely decorated. Stalls for the exhibits were arranged in rows. It was divided into different sections. Each section showed a particular aspect of Indian industry. There were stalls of textile goods, leather goods, metal things, glass wares, plastics, porcelain, silk and woolen things, products of hand loom and cottage industries, horn and filigree works, steel and wooden furniture and other industrial machinery and instruments. Among other things, there were tractors, agricultural tools, motor cars, radio, T.V. sets, freeze, washing machines and various electric equipment.
The exhibition that I saw:- There were some beautiful models like Hirakud Dam, Sun temple at Konark, Paradeep port, Lingaraj temple etc for the people. There was police personnel to maintain law and order. Govt. arranged to provide the people proper health care food and drinking water. We entered into the exhibition ground at about 10 A.M. and came out at evening.
Conclusion:- Exhibitions are useful in many ways. People see various articles collected from different sources. They get pleasure and learn many new things.



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