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 (Introduction, Description, Conclusion)
This year in the month of January ‘The Great Asian Circus’ came to our town. There were many men, women, girls, boys and animals like big elephants, tigers, bears, lions, horses, camels, goats and many other animals in the circus.

The circus party pitched its tent on the parade ground and displayed its programmes through posters and pamphlets. The show was held once in a day i.e. from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. I went to visit the circus on the first day with my parents. My father bought tickets at the counter and we went in. A man showed us our seats on the gallery. Soon the seats were filled up. The show began just at 4 P.M. with music from the orchestra. Four big elephants came and worshipped Lord Ganesh. It was a grand sight. Then ten girls climbed up a rope ladder and swung in the air. A man threw six saucers into the air one by one and caught them all. Not a single one dropped from his hand.
Girls holding coloured umbrellas in their hands walked on a thin rope fixed high above the ground. A bear pulled a rickshaw on which two monkeys were sitting. The tigers, goats and deer came together and showed many tricks. A motorist circled round inside a closed cage and came out unhurt.
Two clowns played funny jokes which cause much laughter. An acrobat walked on a rope maintaining balance with the help of a bamboo. Four beautiful horses went round dancing in tune with the music. Lastly a man came sitting on the back of a lion. He made other four lions dance showing a long whip.
We enjoyed the circus heartily. We came home at 8 P.M.

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