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Introduction :-
Most people prefer a journey by train because it provides a thrilling experience. The train journey is not much expensive. One can travel throughout India by train.
I had an occasion to travel by train to Puri during last Puja holidays. I was invited to attend the birth day ceremony of my cousin sister. My uncle was then serving at Puri.


Before two days of the event I got down to the Cuttack Railway station in time to catch the Talcher-Puri passenger Train. I booked a ticket and entered the platform. It was crowded. Porters were moving about carrying loads. Passengers were waiting for their trains. Presently the train came up with a long whistle. Everyone wanted to get into the train first. I could managed to enter into a second class compartment and got a comfortable seat on a side bench. After few minutes the guard blew whistle and waved his green flag and then the train began to move at 8.40 A.M.
I sat looking out of the carriage windows. Everything was pleasant outside. Green paddy fields, trees, hedges, bridges, hamlets seemed running backwards as the train spedon. The passengers were discussing many things among themselves. Some were dozing, some were playing cards. A blind boy was begging for alms singing tuneful songs. Some vendors entered to sale their fancy goods. By and by the train passed Bhubaneswar, Khurda Road and many other small stations.
Conclusion :-
At about 12 P.M. the train entered into the Puri station. I felt the refreshing touch of the cool south breeze. I came out showing the ticket at the gate. My uncle was waiting for my arrival. He drove me to his residence. I had a very pleasant train journey.

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