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    30 total views, no views today (Introduction, Names, Age, Nature and other qualities, Work and responsibilities, Their love and affections, Your duty towards your parents) The idea of family is very old. Ours is a very big family of eight members. I am very much lucky to be blessed with my loving parents. Mr. Bishnu Bhusan Mohapatra and Mrs. Sunayana Mohapatra are my parents. My father is about forty and my mother is about thirty-five. My father is light back but my mother is fair. They are both very sound in body, mind and spirit. They are energetic and hard working. They are kind, considerate and loving. There is good understanding…

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    11 total views, no views today (Introduction, His name, Personality, Work and behaviour, His appearance, His education, His responsibilities, Conclusion) Father is greater than the sky. One is known in the society for his father’s personality. Sri B. D. Mohapatra is my father. He is a man of forty having good physique. He is five feet six inches. He is not very fat. His complexion is light black. He has neither beard nor moustache. He is strong and stout. He is very gentle and amiable. His conduct is good. He is very truthful, dutiful and punctual. He wears a dhoti and kurta. He uses spectacles. He is loved and respected by…

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    Letters and Words

    41 total views, no views today               1. Capital letters :- A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M,  N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z  2. Small letters :-  a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z 3. Vowels :-  a, e, i, o, u 4. Consonants :- b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y, z 5. Words  :- a an boy book tiger father ant ball school…

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    32 total views, no views today (Introduction, Name and appearance, Her work and behaviour, How she helps you and your parents, Why you love her, Your duty towards your mother, Conclusion) Mother is dearer to a child than other members of the family. She is an embodiment of affection. She is a divine gift to a man. I am lucky enough to have a lovely mother. Her name is Subarnna Manjari Mohapatra. She is a beautiful woman of thirty five having a bright complexion. She is five feet four inches tall. She is sound in body, mind and spirit. She wears simple cotton sarees and blouses. She prefers red and violet…

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    64 total views, no views today  (Introduction, Description, Inmates of home, Conclusion) “Home Sweet home, There is no place like home.” This saying is true. Home is the heavenly paradise. Home is a place where one lives and enjoys pleasure of life. One feels his father’s care, mother’s love and affection of brothers and sisters at home. So it is said that “East and West, home is the best.” Home is the sweetest and dearest place in the word. My home is in the village of Sargaj. It is situated near the temple of Lord Shiva. My home is made of mud and brick. The roofs are thatched with bamboo and…

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    Write an application to your Headmaster requesting him to lend you a few books from the school Book-Bank.

    101 total views, no views today TO The Headmaster,             City High School, Cuttack (Through the Class Teacher)  Sir, Respectfully I beg to state that I am in class IX of your school. I am a very poor boy. The financial condition of my father is wretched. He is quite unable to buy me all of my text books and other study materials. Therefore, I pray you to be kind enough to consider my case and take necessary steps to lend me the following books from the school Book-Bank, for which I shall remain ever grateful to you. Cuttack 2nd August 2004 Yours most obediently Gouranga ch. Behera Class- IX ‘A’…

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    Write an application to the Health Officer reporting the outbreak of an epidemic with a request to take preventive measures.

    41 total views, no views today To The District Health Officer, Jagatsinghpur. Sir, ·        I have the honour to inform you that cholera has broken out around the village puran. It started about a week ago. Three persons have already died and many others are now lying ill. As most of the villagers are illiterate and have no knowledge of sanitary living, It is feared that if proper preventive measures are not taken at once, the epidemic may take a heavy toll of life. Therefore, I pray that you will be kind enough to take preventive measures at an earliest. 20th July, 2017 Yours faithfully,  Ratikanta Pradhan At/P.O.- Puran Dist-…

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    Write an application to your Headmaster requesting him to issue your S.L.C.

    210 total views, 2 views today To        The Headmaster,        Dharnidhar High School,         Keonjhar. Sir, I have the honour to inform you that I was a bonafide students of your school from 2017 to 2018. This year I have passed the Annual H.S.C. Examination in 2nd Division. For my admission in the college my S.L.C. is required. Therefore I pray you to be good and kind enough to issue me the school leaving certificate along with a conduct certificate for which I shall be highly obliged to you. Keonjhar 30th May, 2018 Yours faithfully Niranjan Rout Ex-student  D.D. High School

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    40 total views, no views today  (Introduction, Description, Conclusion) This year in the month of January ‘The Great Asian Circus’ came to our town. There were many men, women, girls, boys and animals like big elephants, tigers, bears, lions, horses, camels, goats and many other animals in the circus. The circus party pitched its tent on the parade ground and displayed its programmes through posters and pamphlets. The show was held once in a day i.e. from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. I went to visit the circus on the first day with my parents. My father bought tickets at the counter and we went in. A man showed us our…

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    66 total views, no views today Introduction :- Most people prefer a journey by train because it provides a thrilling experience. The train journey is not much expensive. One can travel throughout India by train. Occasion:-  I had an occasion to travel by train to Puri during last Puja holidays. I was invited to attend the birth day ceremony of my cousin sister. My uncle was then serving at Puri.   Description:-   Before two days of the event I got down to the Cuttack Railway station in time to catch the Talcher-Puri passenger Train. I booked a ticket and entered the platform. It was crowded. Porters were moving about carrying…

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