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 My happiest moment in life essay


(Introduction, The happiest day, Importance of the day, Conclusion)
       One can not be happy for ever. There are the days of pleasure and pain, hope and despair in our life. I have been reading in the N.A.C. High School, Paradeep Since my admission in class VI. Now I am in class X. I was happy for some days and also I was sad for some days. But the happiest day in my school life was 15th May 2000 the Annual day of the year. I can never forget this day in my life.
       The Annual day and prize giving ceremony was held with much pomp and royalty. A large number of people were gathered to enjoy the day. The minister for education was presiding over the function. The honorable governor was the chief guest and inaugurator. Many students from near by schools, many general public were present to listen the governor.

       Before such a magnificent gathering I got so many prizes that I could never expect. I got a prize for standing 1st in the Annual Examination. I got prizes for good hand writing , good conduct, easy writing, good recitation, social service, debating etc. The president, chief guest and other guest of honours praised me highly. My parents and my friends became happy for my success. It was the happiest day in my school life.

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my happiest moment in life essay

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