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YOUR BEST FRIEND/ english essay my best friend

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 Your best friend

(Introduction, The Friend you like most, Name, Nature and personality, Your company with him, The reason why you consider him as best)

english essay my best friend
english essay my best friend

       There is a saying that “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Most of the friends are fair weather companions. They appear at the time of prosperity but not at the time of misfortunes. He, who accompanies both in happiness and sorrow is the true friend. Man is a social animal. Nobody can live without a friend in this world.

       I have many friends. But I like Purna, the best. His full name is Purna Chandra Sethi. Simply I call him Purna. He has all the qualities of a true friend. We Both belong to same Caste. We are of same age and same complexion. Our height is also same. We are in same class and we sit at the same bench. We live in the same locality. He is my next door neighbour. We spend our leisure time happily.
english essay my best friend
english essay my best friend

       Purna is handsome, simple and sympathetic. He is a good student. He helps others at the time of need. He is an Intelligent boy. He never gets angry with me. We help each other with our lessons. We play together. I often visit his house. His parents treat me as their own son. My parents also love Purna very much. He is considered a family member in our house.
       He is friendly to all. He is obedient and well behaved. He removes my sorrows wherever I am upset. I never keep anything secret from him. I am proud of him. I wish our friendship may continue for ever.

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