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School Holidays

(Introduction, Holidays in school, Spare times, Best use of holidays, Conclusion )

        We avail many holidays in the school. College students avail more holidays than school.
       Generally Sunday is the week-end holiday. Saturday is a half-holiday. At the beginning of school session a list of holidays is made as per the festivals celebrated in the society.
       The Puja holidays are held in the month of October. They are held for fourteen days. The X’mas holidays are held in the month of December for more than one week. The Dola holidays are held in the month of March for a week. The summer vacation is the longest holiday. It continues for more than a month.There are many occasional holidays like Car festival, Diwali, Independence Day, Republic Day, Children’s Day, Teacher”s Day etc.
       We should know how to make the best use of the holidays. We should help our parents in there works. We should go on picnics and study tours in their works. We should try our best to make up our deficiency in all subjects. We should not waste the time in unnecessary works. We should not be idle in the holidays.

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