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    YOUR BEST FRIEND/ english essay my best friend

    61 total views, no views today  Essay:-  Your best friend (Introduction, The Friend you like most, Name, Nature and personality, Your company with him, The reason why you consider him as best) english essay my best friend        There is a saying that “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Most of the friends are fair weather companions. They appear at the time of prosperity but not at the time of misfortunes. He, who accompanies both in happiness and sorrow is the true friend. Man is a social animal. Nobody can live without a friend in this world.        I have many friends. But I like Purna, the best. His…

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    69 total views, no views today  My happiest moment in life essay   (Introduction, The happiest day, Importance of the day, Conclusion)        One can not be happy for ever. There are the days of pleasure and pain, hope and despair in our life. I have been reading in the N.A.C. High School, Paradeep Since my admission in class VI. Now I am in class X. I was happy for some days and also I was sad for some days. But the happiest day in my school life was 15th May 2000 the Annual day of the year. I can never forget this day in my life.        The Annual day…

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    968 total views, 1 views today  Essay:- School Holidays (Introduction, Holidays in school, Spare times, Best use of holidays, Conclusion )         We avail many holidays in the school. College students avail more holidays than school.        Generally Sunday is the week-end holiday. Saturday is a half-holiday. At the beginning of school session a list of holidays is made as per the festivals celebrated in the society.        The Puja holidays are held in the month of October. They are held for fourteen days. The X’mas holidays are held in the month of December for more than one week. The Dola holidays are held in the month of March for a week.…

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