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Your pet dog

your pet dog, english essay your pet dog
your pet dog

(Introduction, Description, Usefulness, Conclusion )

       Like other domestic animals the dog is a very useful animal . It is faithful and has obligation for its master. I have a pet dog. It is named as Jilu. When I call, its comes to me at once.

       Jilu is very beautiful like a doll. Its color is black.It is two feet high and three feet long. Its tall is curved. Its paws are also white. Jilu is  a healthy, playful, jolly dog. It has many good qualities. It is faithful. It watches my house. It barks at the strangers. It scares the cows, local dogs. Its eyes are very sharp. Jilu goes with me every where. It knows my voice.It knows everyone in my family. Its sometimes plays ball with my son.

       I like Jilu very much. I take proper care of Jilu. I wash its boady with soap and warm water. I feed in properly. I give it healthy food like meat, eggs,  rice, fish, cakes, biscuits etc. I feel Jilu is the best of all dogs.


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