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(Introduction, Students of my class, Class teacher, Classroom, Furniture, Conclusion )

     I am a student of Sargaj govt. high school, Sargaj. I am in class IX.
     There are thirty boys and twenty girls in our class. All are above fourteen. Madhumita Das is our class monitor. Prakash Sahu is our second monitor. Madhumita stands first in our class. Bimal Jena of our class is the sports champion of our school.
     Mr. Ambika Kumar Panigrahi is our class teacher. He comes to our class in first period. He makes the roll call and marks us present. He forwards our applications to the Headmaster. He is a very good teacher. He teachs us M.I.L.. 
     Our class room is very nice. It is made of brick and mortar. It is white washed. The floor is cemented. The class room is twenty feet long sixteen feet broad. The verandah is eight feet. There are two doors and four windows in our class room. Each window over looks the school  garden.
     There are ten long benches and ten desks for the students.There are a table and a chair for the teacher. There is a black board on the front wall. There is an almirah for our class library. The routine and other charts are hung on the wall. The walls are decorated with photos of our national heroes and mottoes.
     I sit on the front bench at the left corner. I like my class room.
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