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(Introduction, name & qualification, figure & dress, his quality, his duty as a class teacher, conclusion)
I am a student of class IX in Sargaj govt. high, Sargaj. There are eight teachers in our school. Among them Mr. Dilip Kumar Biswal is our class teacher. He is  a trained graduate. He knows English and History quite well.
He has a tall figure. He is about five feet six inches tall. He is strong, stout and fair. He wears a suit of paint and coat. Sometimes he puts on dhoti and punjabi. He puts on half shoes and sandals.
He is a man of character. He is gentle, amiable and impressive. He is very punctual, dutiful and truthful. He always gives us good advices.
He comes to our class everyday in the first period. He makes the roll-call. He takes the school fees and give us receipts. He looks to the general well being of the class. He knows each us by name. as a class teacher he performs his duties regularly. He teaches us English. On every Saturday we have a debating class.  He presides over it.
As a class teacher he is quite good. He never gets angry with us. We love and respect him.

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