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(Introduction, His name & figure, dress, his duty, Responsibility, Status, conclusion)

     Every office has some peons. The school peon is different in nature. He is very humble and polite. He is not rude like the peons of other offices. 

     Sri Ranjan Kumar Singh is our school peon. He is not very tall. He is about five feet. He is strong and hard working. He puts on a dhoti and kurta.

essay on your school peon, english essay your school peon
essay on your school peon

     He is very faithful and performs his duties regularly. His main duty is to watch the clock and to ring the bell at the right intervals. He carries mails to and from the local post office. He takes the Headmaster’s notice book to different classes.

     He keeps the office and furniture neat and clean. He puts the office records in proper place as per the instruction of the Headmaster. At the time of examinations he does many extra works. He obeys the orders of the teacher. He carries tea, Tiffin and other things from the local shopkeeper.

     He has a high sense of responsibilities. He doesn’t disclose the official secrets. He is very careful in his speech and work. 

     He is very poor. He gets a small amount of pay. Sometimes the Headmaster and other teachers give him rewards for his works.

     He is very simple and plain. He is humble and faithful.

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